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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigation Division is under the leadership of Lieutenant Brad Hurst. There are five full-time investigators, two part-time investigators, and one secretary. In addition to Lt. Hurst, the division is staffed by Sergeant Scott Thrasher, Investigator Trey Edings, Investigator John Schulte, Investigator Dwight Duch, Investigator Brian Williams, Investigator Larry Walters, and Investigator Glen Cook.  Kerri Marlowe is the CID Secretary and a Reserve Deputy.

Brad Hurst
Lieutenant Brad Hurst

Once a uniformed deputy takes a report, C.I.D. will begin a follow-up investigation. C.I.D. is responsible for processing and cataloging evidence at crime scenes. They also prepare affidavits for arrest warrants, search warrants, interview victims, witnesses, and suspects, and perform many other related duties. These include assisting patrol deputies in the investigation of fatality traffic accidents on county roads as well as incidents on county water ways.

Combating the manufacturing and distribution of narcotics is also a top priority of the Criminal Investigation Division. The Sheriff's Office is a member of the 14th Judicial District Drug Task Force, providing personnel to assist in combating drug offenses in and around Baxter, Marion, Boone, and Newton Counties, which make up the 14th Judicial District of the Circuit Courts.

Sheriff's Investigators work closely with all law enforcement agencies in Baxter County and neighboring counties to make the Twin Lakes area of the Ozarks a safer place to live and visit.

In 2022, the Criminal Investigation Division seized various types of illegal narcotics and other drugs with an estimated street value of $563,841.56 with a 78% solve rate on reportable offenses. $998,938.16in stolen property was recovered.

Scott Thrasher
Sergeant Scott Thrasher
Trey Edings
Inv. Trey Edings
John Schulte
Inv. John Schulte
Larry Walters
Inv. Larry Walters

Inv. Glen Cook
(photo available)
 Kerri Marlowe
CID Secretary
(photo unavailable)


Drugs Money and Manufacturing Supplies Drugs and Money Manufacturing supplies

Drugs, Money and Manufacturing supplies that were seized by Investigators

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