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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Animal Control

Animal Control Division

                    Phone:  870-425-7000                                             Email:

The Baxter County Sheriff's Office took over the County's Animal Control on June 1, 2023. The Animal Control Division is headed by Lt. Lee Sanders. This Division consists of two animal control wardens, Sara Hulen and Casey Stone. The animal wardens answer calls to pick up stray dogs and cats that have already been trapped or confined, so long as the animal is a legitimately a "stray" within the meaning of the County Ordinance.  They also run the day-to-day operations of the animal control facility.  Their goal is to find the pet's owner or find the animals a home. 

Sara Hulen

Warden Sara Hulen

Casey Stone

Warden Casey Stone




NOTE: The Animal Control Warden will only pick up animals that have already been caught and confined.

The Animal Shelter is not a "drop off" facility for the public to deposit stray animals or unwanted pets. Those will not be accepted. Admittance will be by appointment only.



1.     Dogs and cats seized by law enforcement under authority of the Arkansas Animal Cruelty Act, (Act 33 of 2009). The agency seizing the animal will be responsible for preparing all paperwork, documentation, and filing all court documents required under this act.

2.     Dogs and cats seized by law enforcement of governmental authorities that have been deemed to "vicious" as defined by applicable local ordinance. This will only apply (IF) the owner of the vicious dog cannot be determined and/or cannot be located to take possession of the animal (Baxter County Ordinance 2014-29).

3.     Dogs and cats that have bitten a human being and require quarantine under the Arkansas Rabies Control Act (ACA20-19-301 et seq). Quarantine may take place at the owner's home, at a veterinarian's office, or at the Animal Shelter if necessary.

4.     Stray dogs and cats, but only when the owner of the animal is unknown, cannot be determined, and/or cannot be located to take possession of the animal (Baxter County Ordinance 2003-02). This will be dependent upon the availability of housing at the Animal Shelter at the time.

5.     The animal Shelter has a limited capacity.  The Animal Shelter cannot accept and house more animals at any given time than it can accommodate.

6.     The Animal Shelter and Animal Control Warden do not have any responsibility for dealing with nuisance animals such as skunks, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, dead deer, and etc.


If you believe one of the pictured dogs or cats belongs to you or if you wish to adopt one of these animals, please contact Animal Control at 870-425-7000 for more information.

Monetary donations may be made at the Baxter County Sheriff's Office. We do not accept donations of food as we only feed Science Diet Dog and Cat Food.  


Sheriff John Montgomery


AC Molly



Female, lab mix, estimated 10-12 weeks old

Found 6-3-23 on McClure Lane, Mountain Home



AC harper


Female, heeler mix, estimated 4-5 years old

Found 6-5-23 on West Houser, Gassville


AC Harley


Male, Australian Shepard mix, estimated 2-years old

Found 6-5-23 in the 7900 block of Highway 5 South, Mountain Home