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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle


Deputy/Pilot Benny Magness is in charge of the aviation unit of the Baxter County Sheriff's Office. He is our part-time pilot and volunteers many hours each year.  Jason Nazarenko is our second part-time pilot and deputy.  He also volunteers many hours of his time each year.


Benny Magness

Deputy/Pilot Benny Magness

Jason Nazarenko

Pilot Jason Nazarenko


The Baxter County Sheriff's Office is one of only four in the State of Arkansas that is fortunate enough to have an Aviation Component and to own and operate a helicopter. The Aviation Unit has been in operation for over twenty years. The Sheriff's Office currently operates an OH-58 observation helicopter that was obtained without cost through a federal government program.

The use of the helicopter has proven its benefit time and time again. Its use has been instrumental in apprehending fugitives and fleeing suspects, and has played a crucial role in search and recovery missions for lost and missing persons in Baxter County and the surrounding area. The Project Lifesaver program also relies heavily on the department's helicopter.

During 2022, the Aviation Unit's helicopter was in use for 35.8 hours on various missions, and the pilots volunteered 70 hours of their time to the department.

Fire Works Display 2007
Fireworks Display 2007

Over the Norfork Lake
Over Norfork Lake

Search and Rescue
Search & Rescue

Helicopter Hanger
Helicopter Hangar

Diver Deployment
Diver Deployment

Helicopter Evacuation
Helicopter Evacuation
Operations - Norfork
Flooding Mar 08

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