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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle
Archive: May 2014

Norfork D.A.R.E. Graduation

Norfork 6th grade students graduate from the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. Deputy Billy Cox, Norfork’s School Resource Officer provided several educational programs to students in the Norfork School District this year.  Norfork students join the over 500 students that completed the program in Baxter County this year. 

Norfork Graduating D.A.R.E. students

Deputy Billy Cox speaks to parents and teachers during the opening ceremony. SADD students and distinguished guests are (from left to right) Scott Bradshaw, Taylor Due, Sheriff John Montgomery and Elementary Principal Stacey Bradbury.

Sheriff John Montgomery hands Ethan Chapman his certificate.

Deputy Billy Cox and SADD student Taylor Due present Andrew Ruegsegger, the overall top class graduate with Darren the D.A.R.E. mascot along with the first place medal. 

Sheriff's Office at Nelson-Wilks-Herron

Students at Nelson-Wilks-Herron Elementary School were able to attend a presentation by the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office on May 20th.  Sheriff’s Deputies talked to students about some of the equipment they use and were reminded about safety this summer.  

McGruff gets a hug from a student as other students meet PC and learn about vehicle safety

Lieutenant Ralph Bird and Lieutenant Rick Lucy spoke to students about water patrol and how the Sheriff's Office uses underwater cameras

Sergeant Lee Sanders talked to students about the Sheriff's Office Dive Team and water safety, while Deputy/Pilot Benny Magness informed students about the Sheriff's Office Helicopter and flight operations

Chamber Leadership Class spends the day with Deputies

The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class spent the day with the Baxter County Sheriff’s Deputies.  During the day members were able to gain some insight on the day to day operations of the Sheriff’s Office.  Members were given tours of the Sheriff’s Office Detention Center, Aviation section, Underwater Operations/Dive Team, and received some hands on training with the Criminal Investigations Division in processing a mock crime scene.  After lunch the group went to the firing range and had the chance to fire department weapons under the supervision of Sheriff’s Office range instructors.  Upon returning to the Sheriff’s Office the class had the opportunity to negotiate the golf cart through a driving course while wearing drunk goggles. 

Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class

Investigator Brad Lewis and Investigator Eric Neal go over crime scene protocol

Class members learn how to collect evidence

Lieutenant Danielle Campfield and Corporal Rocky Morrell provide the tour of the Detention Center Tower

Lieutenant Ralph Bird, Sergeant Lee Sanders and Corporal Scott Thrasher give a safety briefing to class while at the range

Mountain Home Graduates over 300 D.A.R.E. students

It was mixed emotions at Dunbar Auditorium during the Mountain Home School District’s 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduation.  Family and friends attended as over 300 students from Hackler Intermediate School crossed the stage and were recognized.  Along with the graduation came the announcement that Deputy Mandee Love, the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office Mountain Home School Resource Officer, for the past 9 years would be leaving Baxter County.  Cheers from the graduating students soon turned to tears as past and present students came to the stage to hug Deputy Love and wish her well.  Deputy Love will be moving with her family to relocate to the Quitman area due to her husband’s relocation with the Corps of Engineers.

Sheriff John Montgomery spoke to the graduates

Students and Teachers were recognized during Graduation

Students are congratulated as they crossed the stage

Sheriff Montgomery presents Deputy Love with a plaque and gifts from the teachers.  Students lined up to hug Deputy Love and wish her well

Cotter School District Graduates D.A.R.E. class

The Cotter School District recognized their fifth grade students during the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) graduation ceremony.  Parents, teachers, staff, and guest speakers were in attendance to show support and talk to students about making good choices in their future.  Deputy Eddie Elliott of the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office has instructed the students on the 10 key topics of the program which covers numerous areas from bullying to illegal drug use. 


 2014 Cotter 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduating class


 Sheriff John Montgomery, Lieutenant Ralph Bird, Superintendent Don Sharp, Elementary Principal Airl Cheek and SADD Chapter President Kaitlyn Dewey congratulate graduating students.


 Baxter County Deputy Eddie Elliott Cotter's School Resource Officer and the top five graduation students. (Top left to lower right) Over all top student, Anna Haynes, Over all top essay, Kally Benedict, Essay Class winners, Cailyann Froyck, Skyy Voss, Lane Cox.