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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Chamber Leadership Class spends the day with Deputies

The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class spent the day with the Baxter County Sheriff’s Deputies.  During the day members were able to gain some insight on the day to day operations of the Sheriff’s Office.  Members were given tours of the Sheriff’s Office Detention Center, Aviation section, Underwater Operations/Dive Team, and received some hands on training with the Criminal Investigations Division in processing a mock crime scene.  After lunch the group went to the firing range and had the chance to fire department weapons under the supervision of Sheriff’s Office range instructors.  Upon returning to the Sheriff’s Office the class had the opportunity to negotiate the golf cart through a driving course while wearing drunk goggles. 

Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class

Investigator Brad Lewis and Investigator Eric Neal go over crime scene protocol

Class members learn how to collect evidence

Lieutenant Danielle Campfield and Corporal Rocky Morrell provide the tour of the Detention Center Tower

Lieutenant Ralph Bird, Sergeant Lee Sanders and Corporal Scott Thrasher give a safety briefing to class while at the range