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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle
Archive: May 2012

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Day

The annual Chamber of Commerce Leadership Day was recently held at the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office.  Community leaders were given the opportunity to spend the day with different divisions in the Sheriff’s Office.   They were able to see the Detention Center, Aviation Section, and Administrative offices.  Attendees got some hands-on experience at the pistol range, worked a crime scene, saw firsthand the effects of driving while intoxicated and ate jail inmate food for lunch. 


Participants recieve a safety briefing at the Pistol Range.

Lt. Bird and Lt. Johnson gave some quick instruction on safety and how Deputies qualify.

Lt. Hopman gave a tour of the Detention Center.

Deputy/Pilot Magness and Lt. Lucy explained the mission of the Aviation Section.

The Criminal Investigations Division gave a class on how to obtain latent fingerprints.

Participants were able to work a mock crime scene.

Deputy Julie Tilley utilized the drunk goggles and the Sheriff's Office golf cart to show the effects of impairment.

Mountain Home DARE Graduation

Hackler Intermediate School recently held their first 5th grade DARE graduation at Dunbar Auditorium.  These students joined a long list of 5th grade students that had until this year graduated from Pinkston and Guy Berry schools in the Mountain Home School District.  Most of the auditorium was filled with parents and friends of the students.

Sheriff John Montgomery got down off the stage to talk to students about making a positive difference.


Hackler Principal Sondra Monger and Assitant Principal Casey Fowler spoke to the 5th grade class.

Sheriff Montgomery presented a student with a Bronze Medal.


Hackler 5th grade students cross the stage as they graduate.


Students jumped to their feet when their graduating class was announced.

Guest speakers congratulate this year's class.


Mountain Home Student is Sheriff for the Day

Mountain Home students voted for the Sheriff of Baxter County in their annual Kiwanis Club sponsered mock election at Pinkston Middle School.  Daylen Johnson, a 6th grade student, won and was able to spend the day with Sheriff John Montgomery and see what it’s like. 

 Sheriff Montgomery explains how the
Prescription Drug Drop Box works.

Sheriff Montgomery and Investigator
Edings explain the CID section.

Sergeant Sanders talks to Daylen about Range safety and pistol qualification.

Lieutenant Hopman talks to Daylen about how the Sheriff's Dispatch and tower run.

Daylen gets to see the Sheriff's Helicopter.


Sheriff's Deputies Display Equipment at Nelson Wilks Herron

1st grade students meet Sheriff’s Deputies and get to check out some of the equipment they use.  For over 20 years Deputies have been coming to Nelson Wilks Herron Elementary School in the Mountain Home School District to display equipment and explain how it is used.  Sheriff’s Deputies set up 5 separate stations that students with their teachers were able to rotate through and ask questions.

Deputy Walters and Sergeant Hurst explained the Boat and water safety

Every student had a question

PC and Lieutenant Hopman talked to students about being safe

Captain Lewis and Pilot Deputy Magness explained the Helicopter's role in the Sheriff's Office

Sergeant Sanders talked to students about scuba diving and the Sheriff's Dive Team

All Students anticipated the Helicopter's arrival

Lieutenant Lucy showed the students how Sheriff's Office utilized the underwater camera and sonar systems

Norfork Student is Sheriff for the Day

Norfork students in 9th grade participate in a mock election and are selected by their classmates for different elected offices that they run for.  Riley Rhymer was elected Sheriff and was able to spend the afternoon with Sheriff Montgomery and find out what being the Sheriff of Baxter County is all about.

Riley Rhymer with Sheriff Montgomery

Riley at the Range with Sergeant Grayham

Riley going into CID

Deputy/Pilot Magness shows Riley the Helicopter

Riley with Sergeant Weaver in the Jail Tower

Cotter DARE Graduation

Cotter graduated 52 5th grade students through the DARE program that is offered by the Baxter County Sheriff's Office.  These students learned about how to say no to drugs, avoid violence and deal with peer pressure and bullying.


5th grade guest speaker Mrs. Grigg spoke to students about achieving their goals

Deputy Tilley and Sheriff Montgomery present diplomas to the graduating students

The Cotter 2012 graduating DARE Class

Norfork DARE Graduation

Norfork's 4th grade DARE students, 5th grade GREAT students, and 6th grade Stop Bullying classes graduated from their programs that were sponsored by the Baxter County Sheriff's Office.  These students join the over 5000 students county wide that have participated in the Sheriff's Office school programs.

Deputy Billy Cox addresses graduates

Sheriff Montgomery speaks to students

Sheriff Montgomery congratulates student