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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Day

The annual Chamber of Commerce Leadership Day was recently held at the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office.  Community leaders were given the opportunity to spend the day with different divisions in the Sheriff’s Office.   They were able to see the Detention Center, Aviation Section, and Administrative offices.  Attendees got some hands-on experience at the pistol range, worked a crime scene, saw firsthand the effects of driving while intoxicated and ate jail inmate food for lunch. 


Participants recieve a safety briefing at the Pistol Range.

Lt. Bird and Lt. Johnson gave some quick instruction on safety and how Deputies qualify.

Lt. Hopman gave a tour of the Detention Center.

Deputy/Pilot Magness and Lt. Lucy explained the mission of the Aviation Section.

The Criminal Investigations Division gave a class on how to obtain latent fingerprints.

Participants were able to work a mock crime scene.

Deputy Julie Tilley utilized the drunk goggles and the Sheriff's Office golf cart to show the effects of impairment.