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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Sheriff's Deputies Display Equipment at Nelson Wilks Herron

1st grade students meet Sheriff’s Deputies and get to check out some of the equipment they use.  For over 20 years Deputies have been coming to Nelson Wilks Herron Elementary School in the Mountain Home School District to display equipment and explain how it is used.  Sheriff’s Deputies set up 5 separate stations that students with their teachers were able to rotate through and ask questions.

Deputy Walters and Sergeant Hurst explained the Boat and water safety

Every student had a question

PC and Lieutenant Hopman talked to students about being safe

Captain Lewis and Pilot Deputy Magness explained the Helicopter's role in the Sheriff's Office

Sergeant Sanders talked to students about scuba diving and the Sheriff's Dive Team

All Students anticipated the Helicopter's arrival

Lieutenant Lucy showed the students how Sheriff's Office utilized the underwater camera and sonar systems