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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Cotter School District Graduates D.A.R.E. class

The Cotter School District recognized their fifth grade students during the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) graduation ceremony.  Parents, teachers, staff, and guest speakers were in attendance to show support and talk to students about making good choices in their future.  Deputy Eddie Elliott of the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office has instructed the students on the 10 key topics of the program which covers numerous areas from bullying to illegal drug use. 


 2014 Cotter 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduating class


 Sheriff John Montgomery, Lieutenant Ralph Bird, Superintendent Don Sharp, Elementary Principal Airl Cheek and SADD Chapter President Kaitlyn Dewey congratulate graduating students.


 Baxter County Deputy Eddie Elliott Cotter's School Resource Officer and the top five graduation students. (Top left to lower right) Over all top student, Anna Haynes, Over all top essay, Kally Benedict, Essay Class winners, Cailyann Froyck, Skyy Voss, Lane Cox.