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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Inmates continue to perform community service at area cemeteries

New sign at Cooper Cemetery

Inmates place new sign
at Cooper Cemetery

The small, overgrown
Beuhler Spring Cemetery

Inmates clearing brush and
debris from Beuhler Spring Cem.

Clean-up nearing

New sign placed for
Beuhler Spring Cemetery


Overview of Beuhler Spring
Cemetery after clean-up

     Baxter County Inmates continue to perform community service work projects at area cemeteries.  On Monday, July 9th, inmates cleaned-up the small Beuhler Spring Cemetery on Baxter CR 123 and placed a sign there to mark its location.  Later in the afternoon, inmates erected a new sign at the Cooper Cemetery, which is located at the end of Kinsdale Lane in the Midway area.  The signs are made by an inmate using donated materials.

     Jail Inmates under the supervision of Sheriff's personnel continue to routinely mow, weed-eat, and maintain the following cemeteries in Baxter County, most of which would otherwise receive little or no care and upkeep:  Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Hart Cemetery, Talburt Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Horn Cemetery, Reed's Grove Cemetery, Buzzard Roost-Tracy Cemetery, Old Sales Cemetery, Hutcheson Cemetery, Casteel Cemetery, Lone Rock Cemetery, Curtiss-Acklin Cemetery, Ward Family Cemetery, and Cooper Cemetery.  All inmate work is strictly on a voluntary basis.