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Charles David Yates

     One adult and one juvenile from Sharp County were arrested Sunday evening for stealing a boat trolling motor and battery charger from a grounded boat. 

     The Sheriff’s Office received a report at approximately 5:15 PM from a caller who stated that some people on an orange and white pontoon boat had pulled up to Woods Point Island and began removing items from a bass boat that was grounded there.  The caller took photos of the activity.  When the suspects left, they were followed by the caller in her boat while she relayed additional information to the Sheriff’s Office.

     Sheriff’s Sergeant Lee Sanders, along with officers from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Park Rangers with the Army Corp of Engineers boarded a boat to attempt to locate the suspects and investigate.  With assistance from the initial caller, authorities located and made contact with the suspects.  Their boat was occupied by multiple persons. 

     During the investigation, it was discovered that a trolling motor valued at approximately $1,200 and a battery charger valued at approximately $400 had been taken from the grounded boat, which belonged to a man from Mountain View, Missouri.  These items were recovered by officers.

     Authorities arrested two persons in conjunction with the incident.  CHARLES DAVID YATES, 33 years old of Ash Flat, Arkansas was transported to the Detention Center and incarcerated on charges of:

     Breaking or Entering – Felony
     Theft of Property – Felony

     YATES was released after posting bond in the amount of $5,000.  He will appear in Circuit Court on July 26th.

     In addition, a 17 year old male juvenile from Ash Flat was also taken into custody and charged with:

     Breaking or Entering – Felony
     Theft of Property – Felony
     Public Intoxication – Misdemeanor

     The juvenile was turned over to authorities with Baxter County Juvenile Services after being issued citations to appear in Juvenile Court.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff