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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     Five (5) juveniles were taken into custody early this morning on alcohol possession charges following a complaint from one of their parents that his daughter and her friends had sneaked out of the house and gone to a party at another residence. 

     At approximately 4:52 AM, Sheriff’s Deputy Danielle Campfield went to a residence on Confederate Circle in the rural Mountain Home area to speak with the parent who made the report.  She made contact with the man’s daughter and three of her friends.  Each of them are juveniles under 18 years of age, and each had been consuming alcohol as confirmed by a preliminary breath test.  These juveniles were taken to the Sheriff’s Office and turned over to Baxter County Juvenile Services after being issued citations to appear in Juvenile Court for Minor in Possession of Alcohol. 

     Deputy Campfield then went to a residence on State Highway 5 South where the party had taken place.  There, she made contact with another juvenile who had also been consuming alcohol.  This juvenile was also taken into custody and brought to the Sheriff’s Office.  He was also issued a citation for Minor in Possession and released to Juvenile Services. 

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff