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Sample Post Card

     The Sheriff's Office is sending this REMINDER NOTICE to the public that new policies for incoming and outgoing mail involving county jail inmates will take effect on January 2nd as previously announced.     Any questions should be directed to the Jail Administrator at 870-425-7000 or email to


    The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center is implementing a new policy concerning mail service for jail inmates.  Effective January 2, 2011, inmates of the Detention Center will only be allowed to send and receive post cards.  The receipt and mailing of envelopes for personal mailings will no longer be permitted.  All personal mail to and from relatives and friends will only be allowed by means of a post card.


     There will be an exception for “legal mail”, which will be considered mail to and from the courts, attorneys, officers of the court, and government agencies.  For this exception, envelopes and papers will be allowed.  These envelopes must be clearly marked and identified as “legal mail” and must be addressed appropriately.  Incoming envelopes from those sources must be pre-printed with the return name and address of the court, attorney, officer of the court, or government agency. 


     This change is being undertaken for two reasons.  First, it is being undertaken as a security precaution as a proactive measure to decrease the amount of contraband coming into the Detention Center.  Second, it is being undertaken as a cost savings measure to the county, which has to supply postage for indigent inmates.


     Persons having questions about this policy should contact the Detention Center supervisory personnel.



     /s/ John F. Montgomery
    Baxter County Sheriff