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  David Lee Brown


     A rural Mountain Home man, 67 year old DAVID LEE BROWN, who previously owned and operated the Little Cedar Bait Shop on Highway 62 East of Mountain Home, has been arrested on various charges related to fraudulent business practices and a disturbance with a customer.


     Sheriff’s Investigators had received several complaints about BROWN and his business practices during the past year, beginning on January 14, 2011.  The first report, followed by two later reports from the same person, were made by a former customer of BROWN’s concerning altercations he had with BROWN on January 14th, March 22nd, and October 16th.  This particular victim states he was twice approached by BROWN at the Cranfield Park on Lake Norfork.  During one of these encounters, BROWN physically assaulted the victim causing minor injuries to him and breaking the victim’s camera as well. 


     On September 15th, a second victim contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report the theft of two outboard motors.  The victim states he took two motors, an older model 4 horsepower Evinrude and a newer 5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton, to BROWN’s business to sell them on consignment.  This victim had previously purchased a boat from BROWN, but had been unsuccessful in obtaining a bill of sale from BROWN for that boat, thus causing conflict between the two of them.  The victim went to BROWN’s business and attempted to get the two motors back, but was told by BROWN that he did not have them and had never had them. 


     On October 5th, an undercover Sheriff’s Investigator went to BROWN’s business, posing as a customer, and feigned interest in purchasing a small outboard motor.  BROWN eventually told the investigator that he had a motor at home that was like brand new and gave a description of it.  The following week, BROWN told two other undercover deputies that he had already sold the motor.  BROWN was requested to come to the Sheriff’s Office for interview, which he did.  BROWN at first denied any knowledge of the outboard motors in question, but the next day he brought a 5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton outboard motor to the Sheriff’s Office.  The serial number on this motor matched the serial number on documentation held by the victim. BROWN has not produced the second motor.   The value of both motors was estimated at $1,357.62. 


     On November 17th, DAVID LEE BROWN came to the Sheriff’s Office and filed a report that a boat, outboard motor, and boat trailer had been stolen from him.  These belonged to a third person who had placed them with BROWN on consignment to be sold.  After this report, Sheriff’s Investigators learned that BROWN had in fact sold the boat, motor, and trailer to another person for $400.00 on July 3, 2011. 


     Based upon the results of the investigations into the reports involving these three separate victims, Sheriff’s Investigators were able to obtain warrants of arrest for DAVID LEE BROWN.  He was arrested today and charged with:


     Theft of Property – Class D Felony

     Theft of Property – Class A Misdemeanor

     Filing a False Police Report – Class A Misdemeanor

     Battery in the Third Degree – Class A Misdemeanor

     Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree – Class B Misdemeanor


     DAVID LEE BROWN was taken to the Detention Center and incarcerated in lieu of bond, which has been set at approximately $12,000.00.  He will appear in both Circuit Court and District Court at a later time.



     /s/ John F. Montgomery

    Baxter County Sheriff