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     The Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that the popular “Arrest Warrants” and “Deadbeat Dads and Moms” features on the Sheriff’s Office web site are now fully operational again.  These features were taken out of service and have been inactive since July, 2011 when our web site was hacked.  They are now restored.

     In the past these features have proven very beneficial to the Sheriff’s Office in serving or clearing active warrants of arrest and for serving body attachments for non- payment of child support.   Since the time these features became operational in October, 2009, the number of active warrants and body attachments held by the Sheriff’s Office had decreased by more than 900.  This was attributed to more warrants and body attachments being served based upon citizen tip information, people turning themselves in when they saw they had an outstanding warrant on the web site, and warrants being cleared when information was received indicating that the person named in an old, outstanding warrant was deceased.  This trend was reversed when the features became inactive in July, 2011.  Since that time, the overall number of outstanding warrants and body attachments has actually increased by approximately 180 over the number on file when the features were deactivated. 

     As of today, the Sheriff’s Office currently holds 3,060 outstanding and active warrants of arrest as well as 61 outstanding body attachments for non-payment of child support.  We anticipate that with the reactivation of these web site features, these numbers will again begin to decrease.  Our office has already begun receiving citizen tips again based upon warrant information being displayed once again on the web site.  It is through our cooperation and partnership with our community that the Sheriff’s Office is able to achieve greater success in serving these warrants and body attachments than might otherwise occur.


     The Sheriff’s Office is still working with our web site provider to restore the frequently asked for “email alerts” feature that a great many people had signed up for and keep asking for. 

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff