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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     The Sheriff's Office wishes to alert the public of a scam that is apparently taking place in this area, as reported today by a Lakeview resident. 

     It was reported to Sheriff's Deputies that persons unknown are going door to door leaving envelopes or door hangars on front doors of residence and businesses.  Inside the envelope is a printed message, purportedly from CHASE BANK, asking the person to call a toll free number and be prepared to give an account number.  The printed message is in both English and Spanish.

     Today's recipient of this message placed a call to CHASE BANK FRAUD UNIT to inquire about the printed message.   She was informed that the envelop/message card did not come from CHASE BANK and that the toll free numbe listed does not belong to CHASE. 

     Area residents are warned that if they find such envelopes or message cards on their door, they are fraudulent and not a legitimate communication from CHASE.  Residents should not call the number listed or provide any account information or other personal information.

     Should any member of the public observe anyone handing out or distributing these envelopes/cards, they are asked to contact the Sheriff's Office and provide any information observed.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff