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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Four Class Y Felony Charges Filed Against Buford Area Man After Seach Warrant


     Following the execution of a search warrant this morning, a Buford area man has been arrested on multiple felony drug charges.  An undercover investigation involving several law enforcement agencies had been underway and had resulted in methamphetamine being bought covertly from the offender.  Evidence from the investigation was used to obtain a search warrant from District Judge Van Gearhart.  The warrant was served at a residence at 117 Newts Road at approximately 11:01 AM today by officers from the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office, Mountain Home Police Department, Arkansas State Police, and the Flippin Police Department, each of which played a role in the investigation leading up to the arrest.  The search was over at approximately 2:07 PM.

     During the search, drugs, drug paraphernalia, cash, a firearm, and drug sales documents were found and seized as evidence.  This included a quantity of methamphetamine, 13 marijuana plants, processed marijuana, methadone, drug paraphernalia including syringes, pipes, and articles used in the manufacture of marijuana, $267.00 in cash, a .22 caliber rifle, a drug transaction ledger, and publications and instructions on growing marijuana. 

     An indoor marijuana growing operation was located inside a hidden room in an RV trailer on the property. 

     Richard Glen Flock, 62 years old of Newts Road in Buford, was arrested without incident and charged with:

Delivery of Controlled Substance (Meth) – 3 counts –    Class Y Felonies
            Possession of Controlled Substance (Meth) –                 Class C Felony
            Manufacture of Controlled Substance (Marijuana) –        Class C Felony
            Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – 2 counts –              Class C Felonies
                 (involving marijuana grow lights, fertilizers, and fans)
            Possession of Drug Paraphernalia –                                Class C Felony
                (involving syringes, pipes, and straws)
            Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms –         Class Y Felony
            Felon in Possession of Firearm – Class D Felony
            Possession of Controlled Substance (Methadone) –        Class B Felony

     Richard Flock was previously convicted in 2002 for Criminal Attempt to Manufacture Methamphetamine.

     Richard Flock was booked into the Detention Center this afternoon, with bond set at $75,000.  He will appear in Baxter County Circuit Court at a later date.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff