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     Teresa Lynn McMains, 38 years old of Gamaliel, was arrested today and is in custody in the Detention Center on felony charges of Residential Burglary, Forgery, and Theft.  The charges stem from an investigation into the burglary of a residence in Gamaliel that was reported to the Sheriff’s Office on April 18th.  The victim told Sheriff’s Sgt. Brad Hurst that she had been in the hospital for several days, then returned home to find her residence had been ransacked.  The victim reported that $350.00 in cash was missing from her wallet as well as her debit card and food stamp card.  A camera, jewelry, and household items were also missing. 

     Teresa McMains was developed as a suspect in the burglary.  The investigation later revealed that the victim’s food stamp card had been used at both Town and County Supermarket and at Wal-Mart.  Video surveillance footage from both those retailers confirmed Teresa McMains purchasing items with the stolen food stamp card.  McMains had been able to use the stolen card because she obtained the necessary personal information from the victim that allowed her to have the PIN number changed.  Investigators believe that other fraudulent transactions have yet to be discovered.

     New charges against Teresa McMains are:

            Residential Burglary – Felony
            Financial Identity Fraud – Felony
            Forgery – 3 counts – Felonies
            Theft of Property – Felony
            Theft of Property – 3 counts – Misdemeanors

     Bond on these charges has been set at $25,000. 

     At the time of her arrest today, Teresa McMains was already out on $35,000 bond on previous felony Theft of Property charges filed against her in December, 2010.  She had been released on bond on February 3, 2011 awaiting trial in Circuit Court.  The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has directed that her previous bond be revoked, and she is now being held without bond on the previous charges as well. 

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff