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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     A Gamaliel area man was arrested Wednesday evening for Child Endangerment after deputies responded to a complaint call at his residence on CR 806.  A neighbor called the 911 Center reporting she could hear a child crying and screaming next door.  She had gone over to investigate, knocked on the door, but did not receive a reply.  She ultimately observed a man passed out in the cabin, but could not awaken him.  She took the child with her as she called authorities for assistance.

     Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Holland and Deputy Justin Martin responded to the complaint.  They knocked and banged on the door for approximately 10 minutes, but could not awaken the man.  They went inside to determine his welfare and condition.  They found him to be passed out with an empty vodka bottle next to him, and they also saw broken glass all over the floor. 

     When deputies were able to finally rouse the man, they found he had no idea where his 18 month old son was at.  He was arrested for Endangering the Welfare of a Minor and later for Disorderly Conduct as well after becoming violent in the patrol car.  The child was turned over to the Department of Children and Family Services.

     CHRISTOPHER LEON OSBORN, 35 years old of Gamaliel, was transported to the Detention Center and incarcerated in lieu of bond.  He will appear in Baxter County District Court at a later date.  This is the second time that OSBORN has been charged with Child Endangerment since December, 2010.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff