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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce a new feature to the Sheriff’s Office web site (  Visitors to the web site now have the option of playing a slide show of persons registered as Sex Offenders with the Sheriff’s Office and also those persons who have been placed on the “Most Wanted” page of the web site.  These slide shows provide a photograph and other descriptive information of the sex offender or wanted person.


     For the past several years, the Sheriff’s Office has set up large monitors at the Baxter County Fairgrounds during each year’s County Fair and Carnival with a slide show of Registered Sex Offenders running continuously.   This display has garnered much attention and positive comments from the public, with many people stating their desire to have the same kind of slide show available for viewing at their business or home from the Sheriff’s Office web site. 


     The new slide show feature is very simple and easy to use.  Simply go to either the Sex Offender or Most Wanted page on the web site.  There is an option clearly visible on each page to “View Slide Show”.  Simply make this selection, and the slide show will open in a new window and the photo slide show will automatically begin. The slide show will update automatically when new persons are added, when people are removed, and when other changes are made by Sheriff's Office staff.


     The Sheriff’s Office is always looking for new ways through the use of technology and other methods to provide useful and helpful information to members of the public.  Not only do we seek to keep the public informed, but we also seek and sincerely appreciate public assistance with locating wanted persons so they may be apprehended and brought to justice.  A great number of warrants are able to be served because of citizen tips and information provided to the Sheriff’s Office on a weekly basis.  These new slide show options will support those objectives.


/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff