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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Rural Izard County Man Charged After Sending Obsene Text Messages


     On Friday, April 23, 2010, the Baxter County Sheriff's Office received a complaint from a rural Mountain Home area woman who stated she had been received obscene text messages from an unknown male subject. The victim stated she began receiving text messages in November 2008, and after the third or fourth text, she ‘blocked' the suspect's number. The victim stated she had not heard from the suspect again for almost a year and a half until he again tried to contact her from a different cell phone number than had been previously used. She stated the suspect had called her on her cell phone and she then contacted authorities.

     During the course of the investigation, a suspect was developed and late Friday afternoon he was taken into custody at his place of employment without incident.

     The suspect, 43 year old Randy Luther Summers of Dolph, Arkansas worked for a local parcel delivery company. He admitted to investigators that he first met the victim when he delivered a package to her home in the summer of 2008. The suspect states he obtained the victim's cell phone from a package he delivered later that year and first made contact with her via a cell phone text in November of 2008.

     Over the time period of the next 15 months or so, The suspect admitted to sending numerous texts that were very sexually explicit to the victim and continued to send them even though the victim had not responded to any of them. The suspect admitted to sending several texts and pornographic videos of himself, but did not realize his messages had been blocked by the victim until he changed cell phone companies. The suspect also stated he had continued to deliver packages occasionally to the victim at her home over the course of that same time frame.

Randy Luther Summers was charged with:

Harassment                              Class A Misdemeanor
Harassing Communications Class A Misdemeanor

     He was booked into the Baxter County Detention Center on bond of $2,000. He was served a no contact order when he was released on bond.

The Izard County Sheriff's Office assisted in the investigation.

Sheriff John Montgomery