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     Following the earlier press release of the arrest of Michael Hart, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office has decided to file charges that are somewhat different than the charges Mr. Hart was originally arrested and incarcerated on.  Michael A. Hart is now being charged with:  SEXUAL ASSAULT 1ST DEGREE (2 COUNTS) - CLASS A FELONIES

     A 20 year old Mountain Home man has been arrested on felony charges of Rape and Sexual Assault in the 4th Degree following an investigation into allegations of sexual contact between the man and two juvenile females, one aged 14 and one aged 13 at the time the incidents occurred.

     A Mountain Home School Resource Officer became aware of the incidents when he was approached by two other female students who were acquainted with one of the victims. The incidents were alleged to have occurred in more than one location within Baxter County, and the Sheriff's Office was notified. Sheriff's Investigator Brad Hurst is handling the investigation for the Sheriff's Office, and the Mountain Home Police and Gassville Police are also investigating.

     While being interviewed, the 14 year old female victim stated that she and the offender had consensual sexual intercourse multiple times over the past nine (9) months.

     Investigators brought the man in for questioning, and he admitted to having sexual relations with the 14 year old female on numerous occasions. Investigators also questioned the man about another possible relationship of a sexual nature with a separate 13 year old female. He admitted to having consensual relations twice with the 13 year old about one year ago.

     At the conclusion of the questioning, this man was taken to the Detention Center.

Michael A. Hart, 20 years old of Mountain Home, is charged with:

Rape - Class Y Felony
Sexual Assault 4th Degree - Class D Felony
(The filing of these charges is being amended by the Prosecuting Attorney.  See above).

     Bond for Michael Hart has been set preliminarily at $100,000, and he will appear in Baxter County Circuit Court on November 12th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery
Baxter County Sheriff