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     These regulations are found in Arkansas Code 20-22-711. The regulations specify that fireworks may only be sold at retail and used within the State of Arkansas from June 20th through July 10th and from December 10th through January 5th each year. The law does not specify or regulate the hours of the day or night that fireworks may be shot off within those allowable date ranges.  Discharging or shooting off fireworks outside of those dates constitutes a misdemeanor offense. The code provides for a fine of up to $200 for violating this statute.

        Also, city councils may put further restrictions on those time frames, or they may prohibit the sale or discharge of fireworks altogether inside city limits. Therefore, if you want to shoot fireworks inside the city limits of any municipality, it is highly recommended that you contact the city police or city hall in those municipalities to find out what their city regulations are. This would include the cities of Mountain Home, Gassville, Cotter, Lakeview, Norfork, Salesville, Briarcliff, and Big Flat.

     If you do choose to shoot off fireworks, please be respectful of your neighbors and surroundings and be aware of potential fire hazards involved. Also, it is strongly recommended that children do so only under close adult supervision.

     We hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day holiday this year.

Baxter County Sheriff's Office