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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle




     The Baxter County Sheriff's Office, with assistance from other agencies, has arrested 39 year old TERRY LEE SHUMATE of Mountain Home on numerous charges following a manhunt that took place Wednesday, May 10th.

     The incident occurred when a homeowner residing on Baxter CR 99 in the Northern part of the county caught two men stealing articles of personal property from his yard at around 10:49 AM.  When caught in the act, the two suspects got into a silver vehicle and fled the scene.  The homeowner obtained a license number and began chasing after the suspects, who then went East on Baxter CR 36 heading toward State Highway 201 North.  At some point on Baxter CR 36, the suspects stopped their car and began shooting out the window at the victim with a handgun, then continued fleeing.  The victim was not hit, and the victim continued chasing the suspects on Baxter CR 36 but lost sight of them.

     Other persons in the general area had become aware of the incident from the radio traffic and were watching for the suspect vehicle.  It was reported to the Sheriff's Office that the suspect vehicle had crossed over State Highway 201 and turned then on Baxter CR 37 to go East.  Deputies converged on the area.  Sheriff's Sergeant Brian Davis found the suspect vehicle parked in the area of Baxter CR 84.  One of the suspects was still inside the vehicle and fled off into the woods when he saw Sergeant Davis.  There was no sign of the second suspect at the location where the vehicle was found.  Sergeant Davis observed long gun magazines in the vehicle as well as 9mm handgun ammunition.  A .223 caliber rifle was also found in the vehicle.

     The canine tracking team from the North Central Unit - Arkansas Department of Corrections was contacted to respond to the location, and the Sheriff's Office helicopter was launched.  A manhunt was initiated.  The canine team began running a track on the suspect.  Some time later it was reported to the Sheriff's Office that the suspect had entered into a mobile home on Baxter CR 35.  A woman and children had been inside, but they were able to escape out the back.  The suspect barricaded himself inside the mobile home.

     The Special Response Team from the Mountain Home Police Department was asked to respond to assist at this point.  After a stand-off period, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody about 4:30 PM and was taken to the Baxter County Detention Center.

     TERRY LEE SHUMATE was booked and incarcerated on charges of:

Aggravated Residential Burglary Class Y Felony

Fleeing Class D Felony

Felon in Possession of Firearm Class B Felony X2

Aggravated Assault Class D Felony

Criminal Trespass Class A Misdemeanor

Theft of Property Class A Misdemeanor

Endangering the Welfare of a Minor 2nd Degree Class A Misdemeanor

Expired Tags

No Insurance

Suspended DL

Habitual Offender


     SHUMATE is currently being held in lieu of $250,000 bond and will appear before the Circuit Court to answer later this month.

     The investigation into the incident is continuing, with Investigators attempting to determine the identify and location of the second suspect who was reported by the victim.

     Law enforcement agencies involved included the Baxter County Sheriff's Office, Mountain Home Police Department, Arkansas State Police, and the Arkansas Division of Corrections.  The Ozark County, Missouri Sheriff's Office also assisted with monitoring the area around the state line while the incident was occurring. 

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff