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Baxter County Sheriff's Office and Lakeview Police Department Investigate Apparent Murder/Suicide


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Baxter County Sheriff’s Office and Lakeview Police Department Investigate Murder/Suicide


Joint Press Release, Baxter County Sheriff’s Office and Lakeview Police Department


July 27, 2019 at approximately 8:44 am, Lakeview Police Chief, Dave Hotchkiss received a call from a man stating his neighbor had just sent him a text message telling him to call the police, the house was open, and this was not a joke.  Chief Hotchkiss and Baxter County Deputy, Sgt. Ken Grayham responded to the residence at 142 Jim’s Street in Lakeview and made entry to the house.  The officers found a man and women deceased in bed together.

Investigators with the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division and Baxter County Coroner’s Office arrived and assisted in the homicide investigation. The crime scene was processed, evidence collected, and neighbors were interviewed.  There were no signs of a struggle or other violence.  

After the initial investigation, based on evidence found and collected at the scene, Investigators believe the man shot his wife while she was in bed sleeping then turned the gun on himself.   A note was also found in the residence. A Walther 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol was also recovered and is believe to have been the weapon used. 

The bodies of 65-year-old Joanna Deon Hammer and 65-year-old Brian David Hammer will be sent to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s Office in Little Rock to confirm the cause and manner of death.

The investigation is continuing.

Police Chief Dave Hotchkiss
Sheriff John Montgomery