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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Gregory Wiley

Garson Dodge


     Two men were arrested for passing or attempting to pass counterfeit currency in two separate incidents over the weekend.

     The first incident occurred Friday evening, March 9th.  Sheriff’s Corporal Rockie Morrell was dispatched to the Junction Liquor Store in Big Flat on a complaint that a man had tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.  The man was said to have picked up a bottle of liquor from the shelf, brought it to the counter, and then tried to pay with a $20 bill stamped “copy” on the back of it.  The clerk refused to accept the bill, and the man left the store.  The incident was recorded on the security video system, along with a video image of the man.  The man, who was identified as 29 year old GREGORY WILEY with an address in Berryville, got into a silver passenger car and drove from the parking lot heading into Searcy County. 

     At some time afterwards, the Marshall Police Department (Searcy County) made contact with GREGORY WILEY after finding him to be the passenger inside another vehicle they had taken a separate complaint on where juveniles tried to pass another counterfeit $20 at a business in Marshall. GREGORY WILEY was taken into custody in Searcy County.  He was later transferred to the Baxter County Detention Center and booked on a felony charge of Forgery.  He remains in custody in lieu of $5,000 bond with an appearance in Circuit Court set for March 15th.

     The second incident occurred early Saturday morning, March 10th.  Sheriff’s Sergeant Dwight Duch was dispatched to the Royal 66 Club near Mountain Home at approximately 12:14 AM.  The owner reported he had received a counterfeit $100 bill that a customer attempted to pass at the bar.  The phony bill had the words “for motion picture use only” on the front.  The suspect was still at the establishment and was pointed out to Sgt. Duch.  This suspect was identified as 21 year old GARSON ALEXANDER DODGE of rural Mountain Home.  After being contacted, DODGE admitted knowing that the $100 bill was fake. DODGE was subsequently transported to the Detention Center and booked on one felony charge of Forgery.  He was released after posting $5,000 bond, and he will appear in the Circuit Court to answer on March 15th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff