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Gearl Dale Adams

Randy Walter Adams


     Two Mountain Home men, one a Probationer from the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections, were arrested Thursday afternoon, December 29th, on numerous charges after Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a disturbance at a communications business at 82 Buzzard Roost Road in rural Mountain Home.

     At approximately 4:34 PM, the business reported a man was inside threatening to shoot the employees. Sheriff’s Sergeant Brian Davis and other deputies responded to the business. Prior to arrival, the dispatcher relayed to responding deputies that the suspect had gone outside the building and provided his description.

     Upon arrival, Sergeant Davis saw a man outside the building. When the man saw Sergeant Davis, he began to walk away. Sergeant Davis directed the man to stop and remove his hands from his pockets. This man replied with expletives and refused to comply. Sergeant Davis reached to grab the man’s arm to detain him, at which time the man began physically fighting with Sergeant Davis. Sergeant Davis attempted to deploy his TASER device, however one of the probes did not attach and the device was ineffective. The man then attempted to tackle Sergeant Davis. Other deputies arrived then to assist with the struggle. The man, identified as 31 year old GEARL DALE ADAMS of Mountain Home, who is on probation with the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections, was taken into custody. During the struggle, Sergeant Davis sustained injuries to his forehead, nose, and face.

     While this struggle was taking place, another man identified later as 52 year old RANDY WALTER ADAMS of Mountain Home, approached the scene attempting to intervene. RANDY ADAMS was arrested for obstruction by Deputy Michael Holland.

     During the subsequent investigation, store personnel stated that RANDY ADAMS and GEARL ADAMS had come into the store for phone repairs. They were not satisfied with the speed of the service, and RANDY ADAMS began cussing employees. He threated to go get a gun and hold the employees at gun point. He also threatened to put the repair technician in the hospital. GEARL ADAMS entered a non-public area of the business also, and he refused to leave.

   Upon their arrest, both RANDY ADAMS and GEARL ADAMS were found to be intoxicated by alcohol. Deputies also located a pistol lying in plain view in the driver’s seat of the truck that RANDY and GEARL ADAMS drove there.

     Deputies transported both arrestees to the Baxter County Detention Center. They were booked on charges as follows:

RANDY ADAMS, charged with:

Terroristic Threatening 1st Degree – Felony
Obstructing Governmental Operations – Misdemeanor
Disorderly Conduct – Misdemeanor
Public Intoxication – Misdemeanor

     He was released after posting $15,000 bond. He is set to appear before the Circuit Court to answer on January 5, 2017.

     GEARL DALE ADAMS, charged with:

Battery 2nd Degree on Law Enforcement Officer – Felony
Terroristic Threatening 2nd Degree – Misdemeanor
Obstructing Governmental Operations – Misdemeanor
Fleeing – Misdemeanor
Resisting Arrest – Misdemeanor
Disorderly Conduct – Misdemeanor
Failure to Appear – Outstanding Felony Bench Warrant
 Probation Violation – Felony

   He has a bond of $25,000 on probation holds.  He has been booked into the Baxter County Detention Center a total of 29 times in the past.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff