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Duane Mark Dean, Jr.


     Following the investigation into the burglary of a residence in Lakeview, the Sheriff’s Office yesterday arrested 32 year old DUANE MARK DEAN, JR. of Lakeview on several charges.

     On December 18th, the victim reported to the Sheriff’s Office that his home in Lakeview had been broken into.  Reported missing was approximately $105.00 in cash and a TJ Maxx gift card valued at $25.00.  This was the second break-in reported at this same address.  A previous report had been made on October 30, 2016 involving the theft of $20.00 in charge and a .410 gauge shotgun.  Two additional break-ins were said to have taken place also, but reports were not on those at that time by the victim.

    On December 19th, the victim came back to the Sheriff’s Office after having gone to the TJ Maxx store in Mountain Home to make store personnel aware of the stolen gift card.  Store personnel were able to determine that the gift card had already been redeemed the day before, December 18th.  Investigators were able to obtain a photo of the person who had used the gift card.  From this photo, the victim and another person were able to positively identify the suspect as DUANE MARK DEAN, a neighbor of the victim.

     Investigators interviewed DUANE DEAN, and he admitted to having entered into the victim’s residence and to having stolen the items in question, including the gift card and the shotgun. DUANE DEAN is currently on felony probation from Marion County with the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections (ACC).  Investigators and ACC officers went to DEAN’s residence and recovered the shotgun there.  While there, they also found a small quantity of suspected marijuana. 

     Following the investigation, DUANE MARK DEAN, JR. was arrested and booked into the Detention Center Monday afternoon, December 19th, on charges of:

Residential Burglary (four counts) – Felonies
Theft of Property – Felony
Theft of Property (four counts) – Misdemeanors
Possession of Firearm by Certain Persons (convicted felon) – Felony
Possession of Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor

     DEAN remains in the Detention Center on a bond of $25,000.  He will appear before the Circuit Court to answer on January 26, 2017.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff