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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Lonnie Howard Headley


     A sex offender, 47 year old LONNIE HOWARD HEADLEY, registered with the Sheriff’s Office this week after being released on December 9th from the Arkansas Department of Corrections.  He indicated he would be residing at 55 Fourth St. in Norfork.

     After deputies checked the residence, they determined the address to be too close to the city park and the youth center to allow a sex offender to reside there. HEADLEY is a Level 3 (high risk to re-offend) sex offender.  He was convicted of two counts of Rape, Incest, and Sexual Abuse in the First Degree on December 16, 2003 involving minor female acquaintances ages 11 to 13.

     After the Sheriff’s Office notified HEADLEY that it is not allowable under state law for him to reside at 55 Fourth St. in Norfork, he informed the Sheriff’s Office he will be moving to 115 Hwy 223 in Pineville, Arkansas and will be registering with the Izard County Sheriff’s Office.  He has already moved out of the residence in Norfork.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff