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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle




Dwayne Douglas Munden


     A rural Baxter County man, 41 year old DWAYNE DOUGLAS MUNDEN, was arrested Wednesday afternoon, March 9th, on a number of charges, including Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

     The Sheriff’s Office had responded to several calls at MUNDEN’S address on Baxter CR 4 in the past days, including on March 6th when MUNDEN was arrested on a Domestic Battery charge, after which a No Contact Order was issued prohibiting MUNDEN from having contact with the victim.  The majority of calls related to property line issues and personal property matters, as well as allegations of threats and harassment.

     Sheriff’s Sergeant Brian Davis responded to a call yesterday afternoon at approximately 4:30 PM to that same address on a complaint that MUNDEN had violated the No Contact Order from the prior arrest and was committing other offenses. MUNDEN had cut water off to the victim’s residence from a shared well and pump and damaged some property.

     Sergeant Davis confronted MUNDEN in the yard and placed him under arrest. MUNDEN actively resisted arrest, and a physical struggle ensued between MUNDEN and Sergeant Davis.  A bystander called the 911 center to report that the deputy was fighting and needed help.  Additional units from the Sheriff’s Office, Gassville Police Department, and the Arkansas State Police were immediately dispatched to the scene.  

     The arrest of MUNDEN was effectuated at approximately 4:40 PM when he was restrained and taken into custody.  Sergeant Davis deployed both his TASER device and later pepper spray in his attempt to subdue MUNDEN.  During the struggle, Sergeant Davis sustained injuries to his person.  He was later treated at Baxter Regional Medical Center for his injuries and was released.  Sergeant Davis will be on medical leave until able to return to duty.

     DWAYNE DOUGLAS MUNDEN was taken to the Baxter County Detention Center where he was incarcerated on charges of:

Battery in the Second Degree on an Officer – Felony
Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons (felon) – 4 counts – Charged by Felony Bench Warrant
Breaking or Entering – Felony
Theft of Property – Misdemeanor
Criminal Mischief First Degree - Misdemeanor
Violation of a No Contact Oder – Misdemeanor
Resisting Arrest – Misdemeanor

     Sheriff’s Investigators were already in the process of obtaining a bench warrant for the firearms possession charges when this incident occurred.  These charges were filed after four firearms were turned over to the Sheriff’s Office by a family member of MUNDEN, stating the firearms belonged to him.  MUNDEN is prohibited by law from possessing firearms.

     MUNDEN is being held in lieu of $35,000 bond on the charges.  He will make an appearance today in District Court on the charge of Violating a No Contact Order and will appear in Circuit Court to answer the other charges on March 17th. 

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
     Baxter County Sheriff