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Matthew Edison Tillery

     MATTHEW EDISON TILLERY, 29 years old from Cotter, has been arrested on felony charges after forging a check and using it to post bail for his girlfriend, JESSICA SMITH, to be released from the Detention Center on June 30th.

     The Sheriff's Office obtained a warrant for the arrest of MATTHEW TILLERY after a local bail bonding company made a report that TILLERY had forged and used a worthless check in the amount of $450 payable to the bonding company to secure the issuance of a surety bond for the release of SMITH.  The check was written on a closed account.  

     MATTHEW TILLERY was arrested and booked into the Detention Center Monday, July 1st.  During the booking process, TILLERY was found to be in possession of additional blank checks on the same account.  Further investigation revealed that additional checks had been forged and written on the closed account.  TILLERY remains in the Detention Center on charges of:

Forgery - Felony
Habitual Offender - Felony
Theft of Services - Misdemeanor
Parole Violation

     TILLERY has a bond of $10,000 on the new charges, but is being held without bond on the parole violation charge.  He is scheduled to appear in Circuit Court on July 11th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff