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Kristopher Lance Rodgers

     A Midway man, 24 year old KRISTOPHER LANCE RODGERS, has been arrested on a felony theft of property charge after the Sheriff’s Office investigated the theft of wheels and tires.

     It was reported to the Sheriff’s Office on February 15, 2013 from a victim residing on Sycamore Springs Trail that a set of four eagle alloy jeep wheels and four thornbird tsl jeep tires, valued collectively at $1,600, had been loaned to RODGERS with the expectation that they would be returned the following day.  RODGERS stated he wanted to see if the wheels and tires would fit his truck.  They were never returned.  The victim/owner of the wheels and tires learned several weeks later that RODGERS had sold them to a third party and had kept the money. 

     A warrant for the arrest of RODGERS was drawn up.  He was arrested on the afternoon of June 28th and booked into the Detention Center on a charge of Theft of Property – Class D Felony.  KRISTOPHER LANCE RODGERS was released after posting bond in the amount of $4,100, and he will appear in Circuit Court on July 25th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff