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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Baxter County Deputies Assist Izard County in Search for Child


Staging Area

Search Area

June 13, 2013 5:30 PM

The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office Helicopter is currently assisting the Izard County Sheriff’s Office  in search of a missing  child  believe to be approximately 3 years old. The boy was last seen entering the wooded area around 1 pm today by more than one witness at a home located approximately 2 miles Northeast of the Violet Hill Community in Izard County. The witnesses stated the boy has blonde hair and was wearing a dark colored shirt and diaper. According to Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence, there are no missing child reports at this time.  

Along with the Izard and Baxter County Sheriff’s Office Personnel, the K-9 Tracking Dog Team from the Arkansas Department of Corrections are currently in the area assisting with the search.

Communications are sketchy in the area. No other details are available at this time.

Sheriff John Montgomery