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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



The following are the results of recent public opinion polls posted on the Sheriff's Office Website:

Poll #1.  Question:  Current Arkansas law states "Smoking is prohibited in any motor vehicle in which a child who is less than 14-years of age is a passenger"  The old law state less than 6-years old.  What do you think?

There were a total of 187 votes cast in this poll.  The results were:

1.  I think the current law is a good law.  59.9%
2.  I don't like the law, I think a person should be allowed to smoke in a car whether there is a child present or not.  11.8%
3.  I think the law should go back to 6 years of age.  8%
4.  I didn't know it was illegal to smoke in a car with a child.  20.3%

Poll #2.  Question:  Inmates at the Baxter County Jail are allowed one hour outside in the 'Rec' Yard each day (weather permitting).  The Jail does not provide any exercise equipment for the inmates to use.  Your thoughts?  The results from 373 votes cast were:

1.  I think one hour is fair.  50.9%
2.  I think they should be given longer periods outside.  9.9%
3.  I think the Jail should provide exercise equipment for the inmates.  8.3%
4.  I don't think they should be allowed outside at all except to work.  30.8%

Poll #3.  Question:  The Baxter County Sheriff's Website automatically updates every 15 minutes and shows who is currently in jail and who has been released from jail in the past 48 hours.  What do you think?  The results from 446 votes cast were:

1.  I think it is a good thing for the public to see who has been arrested.  93.5%
2.  I believe the public should have to go in person to get the information. 
3.  I think the law should be changed to prohibit the release of this information.
4.  I don't look at the inmate roster on the website.
(selections 2, 3, and 4 garnered 6.5% of the votes combined).

Poll #4.  Question:  Inmates, both male and female, in the Baxter County Detention Center wear black and white stripes.  What color of jail clothing do you think the inmates should wear?  The results from 458 votes cast were:

1.  Black and White stripes.  57.6%
2.  Orange.  29.7%
3.  White.  2% 
4.  Other.  10.7%

Poll #5.  Question:  The Baxter County Sheriffs' Office Website averages more than 130,000 visits per month.  What is the main reason you go to the website?  The results from 400 votes cast were:

1.  Inmate Roster.  75.8%
2.  Most Wanted.  5.3%
3.  Sex Offenders.
4.  Warrants.
5.  Online Poll.
6.  Message from Sheriff.
7.  Baxter County Sheriff's Facebook page.
8.  Other
(selections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 garnered 18.9% of the votes combined)

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff