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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Former Ohio Man Arrested For Burglary and Theft


10-10-12 Baxter County Sheriff's Deputy, Sgt. Andy Bower responded to 1153 River Ridge Road in Norfork for a reported Burglary.  A lawn service was mowing the home and it was discovered the window in the rear door had been broken out. He investigated and determined that the home had been ransacked. There were numerous drawers open and items were strewn around the home. 

Investigators Sgt. Brad Hurst and Eric Neal was called to the scene. Fingerprints and footprints were present at the scene and collected. During the course of the investigation, Investigators developed a suspect.  Using the Leads on Line Program it was discovered that several of the items missing from the burglary had been pawned at a local pawn shop.  The person who had pawned the items was brought in for questioning and she admitted she had pawned the items for her nephew who had just moved from Ohio. The investigation also revealed that the nephew had worked for the lawn service company.

Michael A. Pierce Jr. age, 22 was brought in for questioning and arrested and charged with:

                 5-39-201            Residential Burglary (a)(1)(2)             Class B Felony

                 5-39-202            Breaking or Entering (a)(1)(c)            Class D Felony

                 5-36-103            Theft of Property (a)(1)(2)(A)              Class C Felony                 

Pierce is currently being held in the Baxter County Detention Center on bond of $25,000 pending his appearance in Circuit Court on November 1, 2012 at 9 am.

The investigation is continuing with more charges likely.

Sheriff John Montgomery