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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle


2014 Reserve Graduates
2014 Reserve Deputy
Graduates Congratulations!!

Reserve Commander David Foster currently heads up the Reserve Deputy program. Baxter County is very fortunate to have a group of 20 dedicated men and women in our Part Time and Reserve Deputy program. Our Reserve Deputies are highly trained and receive no pay for their many hours of service. In 2020, Reserve Deputies donated and volunteered 5,046 hours of their time to the Sheriff's Office. The Baxter County Reserve Deputies assist the Sheriff's Office in many capacities. Those include:

Prisoner transports and extraditions - Patrolling with or under the supervision of full time deputies - Serving as Bailiffs in the various courts - Providing security, crowd control, and similar functions at many public events - Assisting with inmate management at the Detention Center - Managing the Saturday community service work program - Many other duties related to all aspects of Sheriff's Office responsibilities.

It would be impossible for the Sheriff's Office to satisfactorily and efficiently perform all the duties and provide all the services it does without our Reserve Deputies. They are an extremely valuable part of the team.

Baxter County Part Time & Reserve Deputies
Baxter County Part Time and Reserve Deputies
2009 Reserve Deputy Class
2009 Reserve Deputy
Class Group Photo
Setting Out Traffic Cones
Setting Out Traffic Cones
New Reserve Deputies 2010
NNew Reserve Deputies 2010

New Reserve Deputies Graduate 21 April 08
New Reserve Deputies
Graduate 21 April 08

Working Norfork Lake During Fireworks Display
Working Norfork Lake During Fireworks Display

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