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Adam Joshua Conrad

     A Jonesboro man is in custody in the Detention Center following his arrest Sunday night, July 1st, on initial domestic violence charges, which later resulted in a felony theft charge being filed after the investigation.

     ADAM JOSHUA CONRAD, 26 years old of Jonesboro, was arrested by Sheriff’s Deputies after they responded to a request to conduct a welfare check at 153 Deerwater Drive.    Upon arrival at this address at approximately 7:15 PM, deputies made contact with a woman who advised that she had been involved in a domestic violence situation with her son, ADAM CONRAD, who had left the residence before deputies arrived.

     Deputies later located ADAM CONRAD at approximately 8:45 PM and took him into custody on a domestic battery charge. 

     This morning, Sheriff’s Investigator Drayton McDaniel received a call from the victim’s husband, alleging that approximately $4,000 in cash was missing from the residence and that ADAM CONRAD was suspected of having all or part of it.  A check of booking records indicated that when ADAM CONRAD was booked into the Detention Center he had $2,992.00 in cash on his person, even though he is unemployed.  Upon investigation, CONRAD admitted the cash belonged to his mother, but denied having taken it without her consent.

     ADAM JOSHUA CONRAD is being held on the following charges:

     Domestic Battery in the Third Degree – Class A Misdemeanor
     Theft of Property – Class D Felony

     He will appear in Circuit Court on July 19th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff