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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     Three Norfork area residents have been charged with a misdemeanor Theft of Property offense following the investigation into a complaint made on May 22, 2012 involving the theft of scrap metal from private property just outside of Mountain Home. 

     On May 22nd,  a Yellville man called the Sheriff’s Office reporting he observed a truck being driven through Yellville that was carrying a large metal tank that the complainant believed belonged to him and had been taken from his property.  The complainant followed the truck and was able to make personal contact with the occupants.  The occupants of the truck told complainant they had taken the tank and other metal items from a location near Mountain Home, indicating that someone had given them permission to do this.  They also stated other persons were then still on the property taking scrap metal.  

     Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Meurer went to the location of this property, which was on State Highway 5 South near the U.S. Hwy 62/412 bypass, just outside the Mountain Home City Limits.  There he made contact with three people who advised him they had been hauling away loads of scrap metal, again saying they had permission from “someone” but could provide no further identification. 

     On May 24th  and May 25th , Sheriff’s Investigator Lt. Terry Johnson conducted follow-up interviews with these persons.  After reviewing the evidence, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office agreed to file a misdemeanor Theft of Property charge against two of these persons (Richard Mandrell and Tonya Mandrell), as well as against the person who showed them where the scrap metal was located (Charles Dickerson).  Those issued Citations to Appear in District Court for June 6th were 47 year old TONYA MARIE MANDRELL, 33 year old RICHARD W. MANDRELL, and 52 year old CHARLES DICKERSON, all from the Norfork area.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff