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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office experienced a Memorial Day holiday weekend with an average activity level.  Records indicate that Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 89 complaint calls or calls for service from Friday morning through Monday evening.  This indicates a 9% decrease from 2011. 

     There were 36 persons booked into the County Jail by all law enforcement agencies.  This indicates a 31% increase from 2011.  There were 17 bookings for alcohol-related offenses (including 9 for Driving While Intoxicated and 2 for Boating While Intoxicated).  There were 5 bookings for drug or drug paraphernalia offenses.

     Sheriff’s Deputies assisted the Arkansas State Police and other agencies in conducting ten (10) sobriety checkpoints at various locations throughout Baxter County on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. 

     Deputies issued the following citations to appear in District Court for traffic offenses and criminal misdemeanor offenses:

1          Assault
1          Violation No Contact Order
1          Possession Firearm by Certain Persons
1          Disorderly Conduct
3          Minors in Possession of Alcohol
1          Suspended Driver’s License
2          Driving While Intoxicated
6          Speeding
1          No Liability Insurance
1          No Driver’s License
1          No Vehicle License
1          Riding in Space not for Passengers
2          Seat Belt Violations
1          Refused Intox Test

     There were 25 written warnings issued by deputies for traffic offenses.

     There was one boat on fire reported on the water near the Norfork Dam that deputies assisted Arkansas Game and Fish Wildlife Officers with.  There were no other significant boating or water-related incidents reported.

     The Sheriff’s Office helicopter and several deputies participated in the Annual Big Flat Homecoming event held Saturday in downtown Big Flat.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff