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Dylan O. Lawyer

     An 18 year old rural Gassville man, already out of jail on bond after being previously arrested on April 26th for Breaking or Entering, Theft of Property, and other charges, is back in custody. 

     DYLAN O. LAWYER was arrested Wednesday, May 16th, on additional charges of Commercial Burglary and Theft after Sheriff’s Investigators linked him to three commercial burglaries that occurred at Gary’s Pawn Shop on Highway 62 West of Mountain Home.  These burglaries had occurred on March 20th, April 9th, and April 14th, during which multiple items of jewelry and firearms were said to have been taken. 

     On the date of the last burglary, April 14th, Sheriff’s Investigator Eric Neal learned that another local pawn shop had purchased several pieces of jewelry similar in description to those stolen from Gary’s Pawn Shop.  LAWYER was developed as a suspect at that time.  Sheriff’s Investigator Trey Edings later learned that LAWYER had also sold approximately 20 additional pieces of jewelry to another pawn shop in Springfield, Missouri on April 9th. 

     DYLAN O. LAWYER was brought to the Sheriff’s Office for interview on May 16th.  During the interview, he admitted to burglarizing Gary’s Pawn Shop.  LAWYER was taken to the Baxter County Detention Center where he is still being held in custody on Baxter County Sheriff’s Office charges of: 

Commercial Burglary (3 counts) – Class C Felonies
Theft of Property – Class B Felony
Theft of Property – Class C Felony 

     Bond on the Baxter County charges was put at $50,000.  LAWYER also has additional charges through the Mountain Home Police Department.  The investigation continues, and more charges may be filed later. 

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff