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Cody B. Stradford

Henry Nielson

     One current and one former Baxter County Jail Inmates now face new charges as a result of an incident that occurred inside the jail on March 15th. 

     Jailers were alerted on the evening of March 15th by inmate HENRY NIELSON, 23 years old of rural Mountain Home, that he had broken his arm while inside the housing unit.  NIELSON told jailers he had fallen out of his bunk and broke his arm during that incident.  NIELSON was taken to the Baxter Regional Medical Center for treatment, where it was determined that he did in fact have a broken arm and that surgery would be required and was kept there. 

     Jail supervisors later reviewed footage from the jail security camera video system.  This footage revealed information that was inconsistent with NIELSON’s original statement.  Video footage showed that a second jail inmate, later identified as CODY B. STRADFORD, 26 years old of rural Mountain Home, had approached NIELSON while he was sitting on the floor.  STRADFORD was then seen raise his leg, pull up his pants leg, and then to strongly kick NIELSON’s left arm.  NIELSON then gets up, walks around, and subsequently falls on the floor.  Video footage indicated that this was a deliberate attack and may have been planned. 

     Sheriff’s Investigator Brad Lewis interviewed STRADFORD today about the incident.  When confronted with the evidence from the video footage, STRADFORD stated he kicked NIELSON at NIELSON’s own request because NIELSON was searching for a way to be released from jail and wanted to be injured.  Investigators then went to the hospital to speak with NIELSONNIELSON admitted to asking STRADFORD to break his arm for him so he could be released from custody. 

     After conferring with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the following charges have been filed by warrant against STRADFORD: 

CODY B. STRADFORD, charged with: 

Battery in the Second Degree - Class D Felony
Impairing the Operation of a Vital Public Facility – Class A Misdemeanor
Obstructing Governmental Operations – Misdemeanor 

Bond for STRADFORD on these new charges is $5,000.  He was originally in jail on a hold for Marion County. 

HENRY NIELSON, will be charged with upon his release from the hospital with: 

Impairing the Operation of a Vital Public Facility – Class A Misdemeanor
Obstructing Governmental Operations – Misdemeanor 

NIELSON will appear in District Court following his release. He was originally being held on charges of Failure to Appear, Probation Violation, and Possessing Instruments of a Crime.   

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff