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Eric Hall Guynes

     A rural Mountain Home man was arrested this afternoon for burglarizing the residence of Mr. Joshua Allen Grace, who was the victim of a fatal motorcycle accident on March 2, 2012. 

      On the date of the accident, Sheriff’s Deputies accompanied Mr. Grace’s father and brother to Joshua Grace’s home at 297 Bonnie Lassie Dr. in Briarcliff.  They found several people inside the residence.  These people were required to leave, which they did.  The residence was then secured and the door locked.

      The following day, March 3rd, the family returned to the residence and found nothing disturbed.  On March 7th, the family went to the residence once again.  This time, they discovered items had been stolen from the home.  These items included a PS3 game console, sound bar, and an IPod with docking station valued collectively at approximately $400.00.  This burglary and theft were reported to the Sheriff’s Office.  On March 12th, a family member located the serial number for the PS3 console.  Investigators ran the serial number through the Leads-On-Line system.  It was discovered that the PS3 had been pawned on March 4th by ERIC GUYNES, who also pawned a game cartridge, two drum pedals, a microphone for a drum set, and a set of Craftsman wrenches.

      ERIC HALL GUYNES, 35 years old of rural Mountain Home, was picked up today by Investigators and interviewed.  GUYNES refused to answer questions or give a statement.  Based upon evidence gathered in the case, GUYNES was arrested and charged with:

 Residential Burglary –           Class C Felony
Theft of Property –                  Class D Felony


     ERIC HALL GUYNES was incarcerated in the Detention Center with bond set at $25,000.  He will appear in Baxter County Circuit Court on March 15th

/s/ John F. Montgomery
Baxter County Sheriff