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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Clarkridge Man Arrested After Multi-Hour Incident


Justin Lee Hutson

     February 18, 2012.  An event that lasted several hours has landed a Clarkridge Man in jail for a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges.

     On this date, at approximately 10:57 am, Baxter County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 911 call on Baxter County Road 23.  The caller stated he was at the residence and was with a female and her two children who had been held against their will overnight.

     Deputies arrived at the scene and observed the suspect putting items into a vehicle attempting to leave.  After an investigation the suspect was placed into custody without incident.

     Based upon several witness statements and evidence at the scene, Deputies believe the incident began last evening when the suspect and his wife became involved in a heated argument.  The suspect physically grabbed the two children ages 4 and 5 and attempted to put them in a vehicle.  The suspect’s wife attempted to stop him and a physical altercation occurred with the suspect throwing her to the ground and kicking her about her head and shoulders.  The suspect forced her and the two children into the vehicle and made threats of killing her and the children. The suspect told the victim and the children he was going to go get his guns and kill them.  The suspect drove around for several hours in Baxter, Fulton and Izard Counties before arriving back at the residence.  It is believed at this point he took the victim’s cell phone away and locked her and the two children in the basement.

     Mid-morning on this date, it is believed the suspect returned the female victim her cell phone to allow her to contact her sister to avoid any suspicion.  The victim managed to covertly alert her sister she was in trouble and the sister called for help.

Justin Lee Hutson, age 26 of Clarkridge, is charged with:

Domestic Battery, 3rd Degree                                           Class A Misdemeanor
Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, 2 Counts            Class A Misdemeanor
Interference with Emergency Communications           Class A Misdemeanor
Terroristic Threatening, 1st Degree                                 Class D Felony
False Imprisonment, 1st Degree                                       Class C Felony

Hutson is currently being held in the Baxter County Detention Center on Bond of $20,000 pending his appearance in Baxter County Circuit Court on Feb 23, at 9 am.

Sheriff John Montgomery