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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     The Sheriff’s Office is alerting the community that an organization calling itself “ARKANSAS TIME AFTER TIME” is disseminating pamphlets and information through the mail that would seem at first glance to be aimed at informing the public of the risks and behavior associated with registered sex offenders residing in the community.  The organization is in fact a group organized under the direction of a level 3 registered sex offender, Mr. Robert K. Combs, from the Little Rock area. Mr. Combs serves as Executive Director of this organization.  These pamphlets have been mailed to various law enforcement agencies throughout the state.  It is not known if they have been distributed outside of the law enforcement community, however the content of the pamphlets would suggest the information is for community distribution.


     The mailings ask that the law enforcement agencies “share information” with the Arkansas Time After Time organization concerning those sex offenders the agency registers and supervises. The organization infers that its goals are to make communities safer, reduce recidivism, and earn trust within the community. However, the organization is actually an advocacy group for registered sex offenders, purportedly designed to assist them with meeting registration requirements and connecting them with resources.  The group puts forth public information designed to deflect fear or mistrust of registered sex offenders in the community. 


     The Sheriff’s Office is making this announcement in order to inform the public that the Arkansas Time After Time organization is not associated with law enforcement in any manner, nor does the organization assist law enforcement in making the communities safer.  Should any person in the community receive correspondence or other contact from that organization, they should be aware of origin of the group and its true objectives.


/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff