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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



 Jessica L. White                    Lynn Dwayne White

     A rural Mountain Home couple were arrested this afternoon on felony charges related to child abuse.  LYNN DWAYNE WHITE, 33 years old, and JESSICA L. WHITE, 30 years old, both residing on Baxter CR 676, were arrested by Sheriff’s Investigators after being contacted by the Arkansas Department of Human Services – Division of Children and Family Services about an incident that was reported on December 8th.

     LYNN and JESSICA WHITE were babysitting a three (3) year old boy while the child’s father was out of town on business.  On December 8th, the child was taken to the Baxter Regional Medical Center Emergency Room for treatment of a rash and a burning sensation during urination.  During the examination of the child, medical personnel observed numerous contusions and abrasions on the child’s face, left hand, shoulder, arm, and buttocks.  Evidence indicated that the child had been physically abused, and an investigator with the Division of Children and Family Services was alerted.  The Sheriff’s Office was also notified and Investigator Trey Edings initiated a criminal investigation.  LYNN and JESSICA WHITE were interviewed at the Sheriff’s Office on December 14thLYNN WHITE admitted to striking the child with a belt, which is consistent with the injuries sustained by the child.  Investigators also learned that JESSICA WHITE was present when these injuries were being inflicted on the child and did nothing to intervene.  In addition, it is believed that one of both of the WHITES had poured hot sauce into the child’s mouth as punishment for misbehavior. 

     After conferring with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, LYNN DWAYNE WHITE has been charged with Battery in the Second Degree, a Felony, with bond set at $15,000.  JESSICA WHITE has been charged with Permitting Child Abuse, a Felony, with bond set at $5,000.  Both are scheduled to appear in Baxter County Circuit Court on January 12th

     The child was returned to his father.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff