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UPDATE: Additional domestic violence charges filed against Christopher Dean Wake



   Christopher Dean Wake


      Additional charges have been filed against CHRISTOPHER DEAN WAKE following his initial arrest in Cotter on November 8th on charges related to domestic violence that has been previously reported.


     During a follow-up investigation, Sheriff’s Investigators garnered details on a previous domestic violence incident that occurred on November 5th and 6th between Christopher Wake and his wife.  During that incident, Wake is alleged to have attacked his pregnant wife and hit her in the face and chest several times while the two of them were riding in a vehicle.  After they arrived back at their residence in Cotter, the assault continued.  At one point during the altercation, Wake was said to have held his wife against the wall with his foot on her stomach making statements that he intended to harm the unborn child.  The victim was ultimately able to flee and hide from Wake at a nearby church.  The next morning the victim returned to the residence, and the assault was renewed, including being threatened with a knife. 


     The following day, the victim went to Baxter Regional Medical Center because of injuries sustained during the assault, although she did not reveal the nature of what had occurred because Wake went with her.  Investigators obtained photos and other documentation of the injuries sustained by the victim and sought to procure an arrest warrant charging Christopher Wake with additional domestic violence crimes.


     On November 9th, 22 year old Christopher Dean Wake was charged additionally with:


                        Domestic Battery 3rd Degree – Class D Felony (2 counts)

                        Aggravated Assault on Family Member – Class D Felony


     Additional bond on these charges was set at $50,000 by Judge Womack, and Wake was already being held on $25,000 bond on the previous Domestic Battery charges, thereby now making his total bond $75,000.  Christopher Dean Wake will appear today in Baxter County Circuit Court to answer the charges against him.


     /s/ John F. Montgomery

    Baxter County Sheriff