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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



      Henry Garland Starling, Jr.

A joint investigation by the Baxter County and Fulton County Sheriff’s Offices has landed a 45 year old Fayetteville man, HENRY GARLAND STARLING, JR., in jail on felony Theft of Property charges.

On October 3, 2011, Sheriff’s Sgt. Andy Bowers was contacted by the Sheriff of Fulton County, Kenneth Foley, with a request to help locate the owner of a motorcycle who Sheriff Foley believed lived in Baxter County. Sheriff Foley had arrested persons in Fulton County who had a 2008 Harley Davidson motorcycle with them that belonged to someone else. Sgt. Bower was not initially able to contact the registered owner of the motorcycle, a Mr. Mark Summers.

Later, at approximately 10:00 AM, the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Mr. Summers to report that his motorcycle had been stolen. Mr. Summers also reported the theft of $800 in cash. When speaking with the victim, Sgt. Bower learned that the victim had met three persons at the “Bikes, Blues, and BBQ” event in Fayetteville. He invited them to return to his home near Gamaliel, which they did. After several hours of socializing, a minor argument ensued, and these three persons left the premises of the victim. The next morning, October 3rd, the victim noticed his motorcycle was missing from his residence. These same three persons were the ones who had been earlier arrested in Fulton County. One of them, HENRY STARLING, had the stolen motorcycle in his possession.

Baxter County Sheriff’s Lt. Terry Johnson traveled to Fulton County and took custody of HENRY G. STARLING, JR., who was charged with stealing the motorcycle, valued at $13,500, and with stealing the victim’s cash. He was taken to the Baxter County Detention Center.

STARLING had $500 in cash in his possession, which was seized and taken into evidence.

HENRY STARLING is charged with Theft of Property – Class C Felony. His bond is $15,000. He is scheduled to appear in Baxter County Circuit Court on October 6th.

John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff