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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



                       Clint Hall

The Sheriff’s Office today took a complaint from the owner of Harold’s Welding Company of Mountain Home concerning missing money from the cash register. The owner noticed monies missing from time to time over the past month.

Because of the missing funds, the business owner installed a camera in the office area of the building and focused it on the cash register. The camera captured an image of a man going to the cash register, removing cash, closing the drawer, and then wiping down the register with a rag.

The business owner had recorded the serial number from a $100 bill and called several businesses in town requesting them to watch for the stolen bill to be used. An employee of the Mountain Home Wal Mart located the bill after it was used to purchase a tire on September 29th. The serial number of a $10 bill had also been recorded. This bill was determined to have been used at the Quality Machine shop by a person known to the business owner.

The victim believes that upwards of $800 has been taken from the cash drawer in the last month. The offender was identified as CLINT A. W. HALL, 19 years old of Mountain Home, and a warrant was procured for his arrest. HALL has since been arrested and being held in the Detention Center in lieu of $2,500 bond. He will appear in Circuit Court on October 27th on two (2) counts of Breaking or Entering (Felonies) and two (2) counts of Theft of Property (Misdemeanors).

John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff