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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Ownership of Seized Horses Turned Over To Rescue Group



The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office has signed over ownership to ten (10) horses to “Sallis Ranch Large Animal Rescue”. Greg Sallis of Greenbrier, Arkansas, received the horses at approximately 5 pm. The horses had been kept at the Double S Oaks Ranch in Midway, Arkansas since their seizure by Sheriff’s Investigators.

The horses had been seized on June 30th from the property of Brenda and Charles Roy Parker. The horses were found in makeshift corrals with no food or water. The Parkers are awaiting trial on Aggravated Animal Cruelty Charges. Judge John Putnam transferred the ownership of the horses from the Parkers to the Sheriff’s Office in Baxter County Circuit Court on July 21, 2011.

The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office wishes to thank everyone who helped with the rescue and donated for the care of the horses.

Sheriff John Montgomery