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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

$70,000 in Cash and Methamphetamine Seized by Authorities


July 23, 2011

     Today, Authorities seized a large amount of methamphetamine and cash following the execution of search warrant on a home and property at 504 County Road 420, East of Mountain Home.

     On Friday, July 22, at approximately 4 pm, Officers from Adult Parole and Probation, assisted by the Baxter County Sheriff's Office and Arkansas State Police, did a probation visit on the home of Ricky Lee Alford. Authorities found a quantity of methamphetamine along with marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Alford was arrested for Probation Violation and booked into the Baxter County Detention Center. The home and property were secured by Sheriff's Personnel overnight. A search warrant was prepared and signed by Judge Shawn Womack at approximately 11:30 pm.

     At approximately 7:30 am, Baxter County Sheriff's Investigators along with Investigators from the Arkansas State Police, Mountain Home Police Department, the 14th Judicial Drug Task Force and Probation and Parole, executed the search warrant. Along with the narcotics, Authorities found digital scales, packaging materials and a Pay/Owe Ledger believed to be for past and current drug transactions. Authorities also found a large quantity of cash wrapped in newspaper and duct tape bundled in rubber bands. Also found at the residence was surveillance and computer equipment believed used for counter surveillance.

Some of the items seized by Authorities are the following:

238.1 grams of uncut, Crystal Methamphetamine (ICE) Street Value in excess of $30,000

$41,740 in Cash

Drug Paraphernalia
Color Surveillance Equipment
2006 Triumph 2300 cc Motorcycle
1999 Yamaha 1600 cc Motorcycle
2008 Chevy Colorado Truck
2008 Ford F150 Truck
1997 Cadillac Deville
1989 Jeep Truck

Rickey Lee Alford, age 60 has been charged with:

Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver, Methamphetamine    Class Y Felony
Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver, Hydrocodone            Class C Felony
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia                                                                            Class C Felony
Possession of Marijuana                                                                                            Class A Misdemeanor
Delivery Near Certain Facilities (Church)                                                                   Enhanced Penalties
Habitual Offender                                                                                                       Enhanced Penalties

      Rickey Lee Alford is being held on bond of $200,000 pending his appearance in Baxter County Circuit Court on Aug 18, 2011.

Alford is currently on Probation from a 2008 conviction for Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance.

This is believed to be the largest seizure of Methamphetamine and Cash combination in the History of Baxter County.

The investigation is continuing with more arrests possible.

Sheriff John Montgomery